Practice-based research projects

We would like to ask you to provide information on practice-based research projects that commenced on or after January 1, 2014, and focus on international migration and religious diversity.

Projects that can be included:
- Practice-based research projects developed in cooperation with practitioners and/or migrants.
- Research projects in the field of migration and religion that are relevant for practice or operational significance in the field.

If you have information about more than one research project, please use the opportunity to fill in and submit this part of the survey more than once. Please answer the questions below most conveniently; feel free to omit answers to inapplicable questions, and only provide the information you have available.

Please enter the approximate start date of the project.
Please enter the approximate end date of the project. This is the date when the project is expected to be completed. If you are unsure of the exact date, provide the best estimate based on the information available.
Please provide the funding amount in euros. Only enter numerical values.