How are migrants represented in textbooks?

Oct 18, 2022

Textbooks are one of the most important educational materials for transferring knowledge to students. COREnet member Dr Selim Hilmi ÖZKAN from Yildiz Technical University (Turkey) did extensive research on this topic during his STSM (short-term scientific mission) at the Portuguese Lisbon University. COREnet funded this scientific mission.

First, social studies and history textbooks were obtained from the Portuguese National Library, and the sections on migration, immigrants, and immigration were reviewed using the document analysis method. In addition to that, all textbooks from primary school to the final year of high school were examined.  

Results showed that immigration is covered in various subjects and units in Portuguese history and social studies textbooks. Specifically, both the positive and negative aspects of migration have been highlighted. For instance, the link between migration and poverty is emphasized in the 9th-grade history lesson.  

The main goals of the Portuguese education system are to respect Portuguese culture, protect national identity, ensure the development of individuals who think differently, promote decentralization, establish and ensure a common education system that provides equal opportunities for all citizens without discrimination, and ensure active participation in democratic life. In this respect, while immigrants are expected to respect and adapt to Portuguese culture, it is intended to provide equal educational opportunities for immigrants. 

Sounds interesting? We agree! We will share news about the forthcoming Selim publication. 


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