Dr Deniz Cosan Eke visited the University of Westminster for an STSM

Sep 21, 2022

Religious identity is subject to rapid change and constant reconstruction in the migration experience. Religious leaders play an important role in building religious identity and connecting different groups. Too few empirical studies assign value to this perspective, especially in a transnational context where faith-based organizations collaborate and coordinate across migration pathways to assist refugees and migrants.

COREnet member post-doc researcher, Dr Deniz Cosan Eke from the University of Vienna, visited the University of Westminster for an STSM (Short-Term Scientific Mission) funded by COREnet.

This STSM aimed to examine the role of faith-based organizations (FBOs), religious leaders as mediators, and transnational actors and their grassroots work with migrants in building social cohesion in Europe.

Deniz said that STSM contributed significantly to her project and access to many scientific publications at the University of Westminster Library.

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