COREnet members presented their research at the MIGREL conference

Jun 22, 2023

The annual meeting of the COST Action COREnet Management Committee and Working Groups members took place on 14-16 June at VID University, Stavanger, Norway. More than 50 researchers and academics from 23 European countries and South Africa attended the COREnet meeting in Stavanger.

Members discussed the achievements and work carried out during the Second Grant Period and actively discussed new ideas and plans for the Third Grant Period. To sum up, researchers will work on migration and religious diversity publications. There will also be a PhD Summer School planned for 2024. Additionally, COREnet members will organise webinar series on migration, religion and gender. COREnet members are therefore looking forward to an active Third Grant Period, which will provide valuable results.

The COREnet meeting was full of discussions and up-to-date insights on European migration processes and challenges related to religious diversity. COREnet members presented their research at the international MIGREL conference.


COREnet presenters at the MIGREL conference

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The following COREnet members’ meeting is scheduled for April 2024. The meeting will include a conference where COREnet members present the latest research and insights on migration and religious diversity. More information will be shared in Autumn.

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