COREnet member Dr Olena Panych visited VID Specialized University in Oslo

Oct 13, 2022

Did you know that from the beginning of full-scale Russia’s invasion to Ukraine in February 2022, many churches and religious communities have been developing robust volunteer movements helping people to survive and flee the warzone? Numerous religious centers became hubs or transfer points for Ukrainian refugees and displaced persons.  

COREnet member Dr Olena Panych, a Ukrainian scholar and research fellow at Technical University of Dresden, has recently visited VID Specialized University in Oslo in order to conduct her short-term scientific mission.  The goal of her mission was to enrich theoretical and practical approaches to study of the role of religion in the life of Ukrainians who have fled their homes due to current Russia’s war against Ukraine. 

Since VID Specialized University particularly focuses in its research strategy on practical relevance for social services, civil society, and faith-based organizations, it has conducted very productive and relevant discussions on the role religious organizations can play in providing assistance and mitigating people’s traumatic experiences during the war.  

This STSM will be followed up by collective article and further research projects based on the materials collected and contacts established during the STSM. 

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