Call for abstracts for the edited volume “Religious and Non-Religious Narratives on Migration”. Extended deadline!

Mar 21, 2023

Narratives on migration significantly impact the perception and treatment of migrants and thus play a decisive role in public discourses on migration and migration policies. Furthermore, migrants have their narratives on migration, which could contribute to the public discourse, but often are not adequately represented.

In many contemporary narratives on migration, “religion” is an essential but ambivalent point of reference. “Religion” can open up perspectives for migrants and society to develop meaning and perspectives for action in the context of migration. Still, it can also contribute to the stigmatization of migrants. Interdisciplinary migration research contributes to identifying, analyzing, and evaluating such narratives and the role and function “religion” plays within them. Also, academic research can provide resources for migration narratives that support migration societies in reflecting and creating differentiated pictures of migration and meeting the challenges ahead regarding migration.

The COST Action “Connecting Theory and Practical Issues of Migration and Religious Diversity” invites submission of papers that deal with religious and non-religious narratives from the perspective of all academic disciplines, such as Christian theologies, Islamic studies, Jewish studies, study of religions, anthropology, cultural studies, philosophy, ethics, sociology, political science, (religious) pedagogy, history, literature studies, etc. with both theoretical and empirical approaches.

The articles aim to identify and critically discuss what religious and non-religious narratives do and/or should contribute to contemporary challenges in the field of migration from an interdisciplinary perspective.

We welcome paper proposals that deal with topics in this area.

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