WG2 Meeting and Workshop “State and Religious Actors’ Perspectives on Refugees: Discrepancies and Overlaps in their Narratives”

May 24

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WG2 Meeting and Public Workshop “State and Religious Actors’ Perspectives on Refugees: discrepancies and overlaps in their narratives”.

In recognizing the crucial role played by state actors in refugee politics, the equally significant contributions of religious actors often go unnoticed. This workshop seeks to rectify this oversight by scrutinizing the perspectives of religious actors within the context of political narratives. Its primary goal is to unearth both the points of contention and cooperation between state and religious entities, dissecting their impact on refugee policies. The analysis goes beyond merely acknowledging the supportive role of religious actors in endorsing state policies; it also delves into the potential tensions that may emerge from conflicting narratives.

By systematically revealing areas of convergence and discord, the contributions aspire to provide a sophisticated understanding of the intricate interplay between state and religious actors regarding refugee issues, ultimately fostering a more enlightened and productive dialogue.

The official invitations to COST Action COREnet members for this event are sent out from the e-cost platform. Please do not book travel tickets and accommodation before receiving and accepting an official invitation on the e-cost platform. 

Non-COST Action COREnet members are also welcome to join this public workshop!


Programme of the Workshop

Date Friday, May 24, 2024
Place University of Fribourg/Switzerland
Format Workshop

Schedule of the Day

9:15-9:30 Introduction (Ansgar Jödicke, University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
9:30-10:15 Understanding the evolution of refugee narratives in Turkey: From religious solidarity to voluntary return (Rabia Karakaya Polat, Işık University, Turkey)
10:15-11:00 Civil Society and Syrian Migration in Turkey: A Tenth Year Assessment (Besim Can Zırh, Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
11:30-12:15 Field Insights: Religious Narratives Shaping Turkey’s Refugee Relief Efforts (Gülay Ugur Goksel, İstanbul Bilgi University, Turkey)
12:15-13:00 General discussion on Turkey (Egdūnas Račius, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania)
14:00-15:00 The Role of Faith-Based Organizations and Integration Policies on Immigrant Groups in Austria (Deniz Coşan Eke, University of Vienna, Austria)
15:00-16:00 Czech Republic: The pro- and anti-Immigrant Narratives in Czech Political Discourse: How Politics and the Church Construct the Dichotomy between Human Beings (Vladimír Naxera, Petr Krčál, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic)
16:30-17:30 Serving the Needs of Others: Religious NGOs’ Aid to Refugees in Greece (2015-Present) (Angelo Tramountanis, National Centre for Social Research, Greece)
17:30-18:00 General discussion (Ansgar Jödicke)


If you have any questions about the event, please contact the WG2 member and local organizer of the event, prof. tit. dr. Ansgar Jödicke ansgar.joedicke@unifr.ch 


Photo by Khyta on Unsplash.


About COST

This event is based upon work from COST Action “Connecting Theory and Practical Issues of Migration and Religious Diversity” (COREnet) CA20107 supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. Our Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career, and innovation.



May 24


University of Fribourg
Pérolles PER E040
Fribourg, Switzerland